Important factors to consider while buying a photocopier for your company

Buying a photocopier is an investment and a vital part of a business. Choosing the right one that fits your business requirement is very important. Here are some points to think about before buying a photocopier for your company.

Copy Speed

First and foremost consider how fast the copier could produce a copy per minute. In a busy office, copiers are shared by 3-4 users and depending on how many copies or print outs one user requires, copy speed really needs to be scrutinized.

Also, the number of copies the photocopier or multi-function device could produce per toner cartridge is important. Opt for brand names like Canon photocopier dealer in Dubai if you want efficiency in an economical way.


The network capability of your photocopier is important. As per standard, all mid volume sized machines have networking capabilities but it is still important to determine up to how many users can be linked to the one that you’re planning to buy.

Scanner is another important feature among the many new features copiers come with today. These multi-functional devices are worth buying providing different uses and functionalities.


Buying an expensive item from a trusted brand is always a good decision. Established trust between the customer and the manufacturer or dealer is what takes you back to them again.


Sometimes price and brand have a direct relationship. Even if the price is higher than others but the manufacturer provides an excellent quality and customer service, the customer will go for it. However, trying out cheaper brands and comparing their features and services can also prove to be beneficial if it’s giving you bigger discount and good service. Many companies also opt for dealers who have used printers for sale in Dubai as they are more affordable.

After Sales Service

Photocopiers need regular maintenance check-ups and some manufacturers actually have repair and maintenance experts assigned to every company they sell their equipment to. Getting your copier serviced on a timely basis is another very important consideration you should think about while buying a photocopier for your business.

Take your time, think about what your business actually needs and compare prices. Do not be overwhelmed by such advanced features that you may never get to use. Choose wisely and practically considering your usage and budget.