Paint protection film – frequently asked questions

You must have heard people talking about ppf Dubai. But, what is ppf? The full form of ppf is paint protection film. In this article, you will learn about paint protection films, the reasons to get paint protection and some other things too. So, come on, read the following question and answers to know details about paint protection film.

What exactly is PPF?

Paint protection film is basically a solid transparent, pliable film which is developed from polyurethane. The paint protection film could be placed on the upper side of the paint that is still there or even vinyl wrap in order to secure it.

What are the reasons to get paint protection film?

The paint protection film is helpful in securing or covering the exterior side of your car and this way your car will look brand new for quite a long time. If suppose, your car gets damaged due to any reason, then rather getting your car repainted, you will only have to get the damaged paint protection film repaired which is quicker, inexpensive and much better.

How to do maintenance of the paint protection film?

The maintenance of the paint protection film is not very hard. You can simply wash the paint protection film by using a regular soap of car washing. Also, if there are some minor scratches then you can remove them by brushing with water that is either warm or hot.

What is the time in which you can get paint protection film?

The fixing of the paint protection film usually takes around three to five days. This time also involves a twelve hour restoring time which is done in the shop. 

Where can paint protection film be applied?

The paint protection film could be fixed or applied on almost all outside parts of the car. However, many paint protection film shops give packages in which they apply paint protection film on the front side of your car. This package involves the bumper present at the front side, headlights, mudguard, mirror covers, etc. There are some paint protection film shops that provide customized deals and packages which are designed specifically according to the requirements of the customers.

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