Places to buy wall climbing equipment

Playgrounds are one of those places where kids spend great quality time and create friends. To insure safety of children we need to make sure that the equipment used in the playgrounds are of high quality. Dubai is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. To maintain the standards of tourism industry, parks in Dubai should pay extra attention to playground equipment.

Kids these days are pretty interested in wall climbing. To cater to this interest playgrounds should incorporate wall climbing equipment for kids. Wall climbing improves climbing and coordination between hand to eyes. It’s also a great way to do strength training. You can get great wall climbing playground equipment in Dubai for extremely reasonable prices from places mentioned below:

  1. Playground Centre

You can get Young explorers Rock Climbing Wall from here. It can be used for children that are under and over 2 years of age. It has a triple coat protective coating. The plastic used is stabilized by the UV rays. It is pretty light weight but that does not compromise its strength. It uses stable aluminium frames. It is compliant with New Zealand and Australian safety standards.

  • Moonkids

Here you can get climbing wall in Abu Dhabi with hand grips. It is a piece of equipment that is versatile in nature. It helps children to develop determination, perseverance and strength. It is ideal for children that want a future in gymnastics. It is made up of premium quality MDF lamination. The hand grips are secure and strong.

  • Wayfair

You can get 96″ Swing Set Rope Ladder from here. It has a warranty and it is water resistant. It can be used for age groups between 3 – 12 years. This climbing structure advances coordination, equilibrium, and strength! It has a weight limit of 150 lbs., which implies everybody from little ones to grown-ups can appreciate this expansion to the terrace. It is made up for steel and rope.

  • Faris Groups

Wall Climbing Facilities are produced using excellent climbing boards from built up fiberglass, natural pitch and wood. They offer specially crafted plans as per your determinations. They have a total line of wall climbing embellishments from security protective caps, carabiners, ropes, climbing holds, to wellbeing landing mats and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.