Questions to Ask when Choosing a Storage Facility

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Storage Facility

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Storage Facility

When we are paying a good amount of money for a service, we have to make sure that we ask as many questions as we can to clear any kind of confusion & avoid a dispute in the future. Properties and homes have become so expensive that now a days, people are compelled to put their stuff in self storage facilities in Dubai. These are the kinds of facilities where different sizes of storage units are placed and they are either rented or bought by the customers who want to keep their stuff.

There are moveable and immoveable storages in the best storage facilities in Dubai. You can keep anything in it for as long as you want. These facilities are expensive and we have to make sure that we ask the questions that matter. And here, we have extracted some of the most common questions about storage facilities.

Q: What is the monthly rent of the storage unit?

Ans: there are different types of rents. If you rent out according to size then the rent will depend on what size you rent it. It also depends upon how much new technology the storage unit is using.

Q: What will be the mode of payments?

Ans: there are so many storage facilities that don’t take any kind of advance and security. And some take cheques, some don’t and some take all rents at the same time. Some storage facilities give discounts as well.

Q: Will you help you move my stuff in the storage unit?

Ans: almost all the storage facilities have a helping boy or a girl who is there to help the customer unload the stuff and put it in the storage unit. You can be nice to tip them some bucks.

Q: What kind of items am I allowed to keep in the storage unit?

Ans: you can move anything that is not alive and that means not putting plants or any kind of legal or illegal drugs.

With all of this information, it will be easier for you to decide whether the storage facility is right for you or not.