Things you need to know about the British curriculum

Things you need to know about the British curriculum

Things you need to know about the British curriculum

The British education system is famous in whole world due to its latest curriculum and now most of the schools around the globe teach British curriculum. About 45% of the international schools that teach the English language offer British based curriculum. If you are living in Dubai then there will not be any sort of problem to seek school for your child. You can find an affordable British school in Dubai. You can also find new British curriculum schools in Dubai. But if you don’t have much information about British curriculum then you should read this article. Here we have provided all information about British curriculum.

Broad and balanced curriculum:

The British curriculum covers a wide range of subjects such as arts, science, humanities and many other subjects. The students learn numeracy and literacy at the foundation stage of their curriculum. At primary level, the students are being taught about the fundamentals of mathematics and English. The multidisciplinary topics are also being introduced at primary level such as science, technology and arts. This type of curriculum encourages independent learning and it more practical based learning. This type of curriculum also prepares them for GCSE examination.

Organized in key stages:

The British curriculum is divided into different key stages and students are formally assessed at the end of each key stage. The first key stage is started in the early years i.e. 2 to 5 years of age. After this stage, the students enter in the primary level and they complete their KS1 and KS2. The students of ages 5 to 11 years complete their primary level. The students of 5 to 7 years complete their KS1 and the students of ages 7 to 11 years complete their KS2. Then the students enter into their secondary level which consists of KS3 and KS4. The students of ages 11 to 14 years complete their KS3 and the students of ages 14 to 16 years complete their KS4. Then, the students enter in their pre university level which is also considered as KS5. The students of ages 16 to 18 years enroll in their pre university level. In short, these key stages provide teachers a clear overview of student’s academic progress and it also helps students to achieve their goals in better way.

Child-centered and personalized:

This curriculum covers different subject areas so it also encourages them to focus on the subjects that they like. They are being taught not only to memorize the facts but they are also being focused for deeper understanding of facts.