What is face recognition?

Face recognition is another fundamental concept when it comes to digital security process. It is a method where access to any particular system is ensured after the person matches his or her face with the in-built data in the security system. Face recognition does indeed have a central function in the technical area, and is one of the most efficient computer vision applications.

This security feature is different than the other security features that have been introduced till now in a way that this security feature is only to ensure the safe entrance of any human being in the network system. Other security systems include access control system UAE. It does not apply to other networks being able to access the data. Face recognition is an application that for sure has multiple uses to its credit.

Apart from being used in the security industry, it is also used as an attendance system. This is known as face recognition attendance system. This is used extensively to verify the authentication when it comes to student’s attendance in particular. Modern technology is used to carry out the process of face recognition. The reason why face recognition attendance system is used so much is the fact it is used to replace the hectic paperwork that is done every day and the name calling process that takes up a lot of time. T

he traditional methods that are used to call out attendance of the students in the class are very time consuming and also these manual records of attendance of the students is prone to tampering. A person can easily get hold of the record book and make changes as per the person desires.

Another reason why this system of attendance is popular is because it completely eliminates the aspect of proxies. This is the concept where students mark the attendance of their fellows, but this could not happen in the face recognition attendance system. This system of taking attendance by face recognition has proven to be of great benefit in a number of different ways. First of all, it is used only after that it is tested and tried under multiple circumstances and scenarios. The sensors, the monitors and the camera are all very delicate and able to capture even the slightest of difference. The data that is recorded is then automatically maintained in the form of an excel sheet.